Arizona Back The Blue Bill

Protecting The Rights of Arizona Law Enforcement Officers

The arizona back the blue bill

Law Enforcement Specialists Is Creating The Arizona Back The Blue Bill For Legislation Next Session

We want to see the rights of Arizona law enforcement officers protected. With this bill, not only is the aim to protect these rights, but it also will be a pivotal element for the future of law enforcement protection throughout the state of Arizona. 
Below are just a few things that we are adding to the list:
  • Increased penalties for the use of lasers pointed at law enforcement officers (this will include any LEO injury as a result of  rioting or demonstration, exposures to drugs) 

  • Mandatory sentencing for assaults against law enforcement officers
  • Penalties for weapons used in riots
  • Stiffer penalties for crimes used against law enforcement officers
  • Penalties (e.g. freezes on taxes, investigation by attorney general, court cases by citizens for injunctive relief) for political subdivisions that defund the police w/o equal cuts to other departments 
  • Looking into qualified immunity

What areas when it comes to law enforcement do you think need to be put into law?

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