Armed Security for Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues

In an unpredictable world, your members will know they are safe with us.

Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues

Keeping Your Members Safe

Churches, mosques, synagogues — people visit these places of worship, seeking comfort and clarity of thought. People participate in religious activities to commune with brothers and sisters in faith. Regardless of how harmless the intentions of these people are, their places of worship might still be the target of security threats. Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. provides armed security service to keep churches and their members safe.

Our contractors include off-duty police officers who respond to any threats or risks that your place of worship is subject to. When you hire an off-duty police officer, you know you’re getting the best security for your church, mosque, or synagogue. Our police officers have the training and experience that exceeds any other security. Contact us to hire a police officer who can ensure the safety of your place of worship, members, and religious activities.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Professional uniformed and armed officers
  • Best of class service
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Why You Need Police Security

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. features a diverse range of private armed security services. We cater to different types of clients.

  • Protect your members
  • Create peace of mind
  • Deter crime

Churches, mosques, and synagogues are typically calm and quiet — they are places where members can find solace in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Despite the general perception that places of worship are a sanctuary, they are not completely free from security threats. These threats range from theft, vandalism, and arson to violence and abuse of churchgoers.

Religious events may be exposed to the same threats that actual places of worship are susceptible to. These events may actually need more security, especially when organizers are expecting a large number of participants — crowd control becomes a pressing matter.

Whether you plan to increase church security or make sure that your religious event goes smoothly, come to Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. for armed security services. We can arrange a security detail of off-duty police officers to address your unique safety concerns.

Our seasoned law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in the areas of security and public safety. Get the peace of mind knowing you have hired the best in public safety for your place of worship and its members.

Focus on your faith and let us look after your safety.

Our armed security company keeps your place of worship safe regardless of what security threat or safety risk you face. We work with off-duty police officers to provide optimum church security anytime and anywhere you need it. We work closely with each client to determine your unique security concerns and find the most suitable solutions for them.

Although some churchgoers believe that criminals will not attack their sacred sites, places of worship are actually among the most likely sites for hate crimes. In addition to wrongdoers looking to inflict damage through vandalism and arson, people motivated by greed and hatred might also look to disrupt the peace and sanctity of churches, mosques, and synagogues. 

We Make it Easy

Some churches may generate income from members who donate funds for maintenance as well as for charity. Criminal-minded people might be interested in these funds and arrange a robbery or a burglary. To keep safe from theft as well as from other types of crime, you need a security detail that is genuinely interested in protecting your church and its members. More importantly, you need a security detail that responds to your unique safety concerns, decisively and efficiently.

Law Enforcement Specialists make the process of hiring an off-duty police officer for your church, mosque or synagogue easy. Focus on your faith and let us look after your safety. In addition to safeguarding the church and its members, our armed security team also takes care of crowd control when your church has major events with numerous participants.

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