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The Industry Leading Off-Duty Scheduling Software Solution

Blue Dispatch is the leader in streamlining police department solutions when it comes to secondary employment. The Blue Dispatch extra-duty and overtime management platform is powerful, flexible, & scales to meet the needs of any Law Enforcement/Public Safety department in the United States. Providing accountability in an organized and concise manner.


Blue Dispatch connects your agency with its officers and customers in a seamless and intuitive way utilizing web and mobile based platforms. From processing detail requests online to job distribution and billing and payment, Blue Dispatch empowers Agency Personnel, Officers, and the businesses that employ them to operate more efficiently.

Features of Blue Dispatch

Blue Dispatch simplifies the extra-duty process by eliminating the need for group texts, phone calls, and emails. The system automatically enforces your extra-duty policy and will never delete your data. Blue Dispatch is the premiere off-duty scheduling software for law enforcement agencies across the United States.

  • Access Secure Cloud-Based Scheduling Software from a computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Data secured and stored with recurring back-ups
  • Configurable to Support Agency Policies & Procedures
  • 24/7/365 Live Support
  • Accessibility and flexibility for all agencies, coordinators and officers
  • Intuitive & simplified design to streamline all extra-duty processes

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