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Protecting What’s Most Important

Schools are dynamic places, teeming with energetic activity. Yet, these institutions of learning face various threats and risks that range from burglary and theft to assault and vandalism. In the midst of changes and continuous growth on campus, one thing remains constant: you have to protect your students, your staff, and the grounds.

Whether you operate a public, charter, or private school, making sure your students and staff are safe is a top priority. Professional uniformed officers offer the best level of protection. Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. protects the students and staff from any threat your school campus may face.

We readily provide police security for schools throughout the country. We utilize over 10,000 off-duty police officers nationwide so, wherever your campus is, we can deploy your security detail anytime you need it. Our armed security officers in schools will start with risk assessment to determine the exact type of threat your school faces.

Once we know the existing situation and possible scenarios, we focus on managing risk and protecting the people at school. Your staff, students, and the parents of your students will have peace of mind knowing that a competent group of officers are safeguarding your campus.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Professional uniformed and armed officers
  • Best of class service
  • Affordable prices

Why You Need Police Security

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. features a diverse range of private armed security services. We cater to different types of clients.

  • Protect your students
  • Create peace of mind
  • Deter crime

Nobody comes close to Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. when it comes to public and private school security. We establish a close professional relationship with each client to discuss your needs and present the most feasible solutions for the safety of your students, staff, and campus. We arrange your security detail based on your unique circumstances, including the size of your campus and the number of students enrolled at your school.

Our contractors are off-duty police officers who are always ready to serve as armed school security guards, and we make hiring off-duty police officers for school security easy. They establish a solid presence of authority and safety by regularly patrolling the vicinity and monitoring the activities that take place on campus. 

Additionally, we provide 24/7 live IP camera monitoring as an extra measure to protect the students and the school property from intruders or unruly incidents. We can also arrange cross walk security if there are roads or driveways that cut through the property.

As a nationally licensed and insured security company, we make sure you get the sharpest and most efficient security detail. Our seasoned law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in the areas of security and public safety. Get the peace of mind knowing you have hired the best in public safety. Our armed school security guards coordinate with school administrators to keep both people and the property safety around the clock. 

Safety is a Major Issue that Many School Districts Currently Face

Because of the recent cases of gun violence and mass shootings, safety is a major issue that many school districts currently face. For this reason, school administrators must prioritize school security and emergency preparedness. This starts with having an experienced team of armed security officers to manage risks and patrol the school.

Whether you own a school or run one, you have to give importance to skilled, customized security services based on the needs of your school community. As such, you should work with a trusted team that can tailor a security plan for your school. That is the first step to ensuring efficient – and effective – security for your school. Next, make sure you are hiring security officers who are genuinely concerned about safety and who are invested in protecting the students and your campus.

The Next Steps

The next step, then, is having a one-on-one between security officers and the key school administrators — this ensures that everyone is on the same page and has the same goal for the school and its students. Afterward, the security detail can start operating.

Law Enforcement Specialists knows that hiring efficient and trustworthy security officers is a potentially challenging matter. So, we make the process of hiring an off-duty police officer for your school is easy. We have access to thousands of police officers around the country and can accommodate your needs. In fact, we work with over 10,000 off-duty officers who respond to your need for armed school security detail anytime and anywhere.

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