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Business owners and managers must see to various responsibilities that ensure smooth operations — one of these responsibilities is keeping the premises safe. A strong security system safeguards the staff, protects the property, and keeps disgruntled employees at bay. It also reduces the risk of crime and vandalism occurring within the vicinity of the premises.

A top priority for our clients is to avoid becoming a target for criminal activity. So, they come to us for commercial security services. We tailor a security detail based on the level of security that each client needs. Our contractors include over 10,000 off-duty police officers throughout the country. We can dispatch a team anytime and anywhere you need it.


The greatest benefit of using off-duty police officer professionals for your business security is preventing devastating financial loss and reputation damage. An off-duty police security team protects your employees and premises from intruders and safety threats. At the same time, the team assists with internal conflicts to prevent serious damage to the team.

Partnering with Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. is one of the safest and empowering things you can do for your company. We are a nationally licensed and insured company that designates off-duty police officers for your armed corporate security team. If you are in need of hiring for off-duty services, we’ve got you covered!

Comprehensive Off-Duty Service Solutions

  • Asset Prevention
  • Employee Termination
  • Building Patrols
  • Loss Prevention
  • Work Place Violence Prevention
  • Corporate Security Event

Industries Served

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. features a diverse range of private armed off-duty security services. We cater to different types of clients.

  • Retail
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Hospitals/Medical Clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Banking
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Entertainment Venues

When you need efficient commercial security service, come to Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. We are a nationally licensed and insured company that puts your company’s safety and security above everything else. We make hiring an off-duty police officer for commercial security easy.

Our company’s reputation of being a trusted security partner with the business community and police agencies across the United States is the foundation of our success. Companies from different industries rely on our team of off-duty police officers for security.

Regardless of what business you run — whether it is an office or a retail establishment — you have to remain alert. The potential for loss, theft, and vandalism increases if you don’t have a reliable team of armed corporate security to look after your commercial property. 

On a related note, your employees and visitors might be more exposed to security risks or threats if you do not have a sharp and meticulous security detail watching over them.

Today, businesses face a growing range of safety and security concerns.

Some companies have to look out for vandals and trespassers while others have to be on the watch for unruly or disgruntled employees. Either way, private security companies in Arizona help keep safety risks and threats at bay. 

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc., for example, arranges a security detail to handle the unique concerns of each client. We work with off-duty police officers so you can be sure that they are trained and experienced professionals.

Trained security professionals handle interactions with store managers, employees and customers when dishonesty or negligence occurs. Our team works closely with every client to get a comprehensive understanding of the situation and to determine the most suitable security plan for each one. Our off-duty services will not only give you peace of mind, but so too, will it offer peace of mind for your guests, patrons, and customers. This is why hiring an off-duty police officer for a business is not only in demand, but more in demand than ever before. 

We Make it Easy

We understand that hiring an armed private security team might be challenging, especially when your establishment has unique safety concerns that need to be addressed. We make the search easier for you by putting together a solid security detail that responds to the security issues that your company — and your industry, as a whole — faces.

Given our dedication to safety and our network of 10,000 off-duty officers, nobody comes close to us when it comes to armed private security. The ability to prevent, protect and respond to work place circumstances gives us the unique opportunity to help your business with the goal of preventing an incident.

Do you run a financial institution that needs heavy security 24/7? Do you want to amplify the security in the hotel or resort that you manage? Trust our team to do the job. Offering off-duty services is all we do, and it’s what we’ve done for nearly three decades.

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