Police Escort Service for Oversized Load

Get to your haul safely to its destination by relying on our police escort service.

Wideload police escort

Get to Your Destination Safely

We know getting your wide-load to it’s destination safely is your top priority. Sometime pilot cars don’t cut it, especially in high traffic areas. Using an off-duty police officer to help escort your wide load is a great option many wide load operators don’t know about.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Uniformed Off-Duty Officers
  • Security and Traffic Control All Phases
  • Rapid Response
  • Available 24/7 & 365 days a year
  • Short and Long Term Assignments
  • Competitive Rates
  • SBE/WBE/DBE – Minority Certified
  • Licensed with Arizona Department of
    Public Safety
  • Friendly, Professional Coordinators

Why You Need Police Security

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. features a diverse range of private armed security services. We cater to different types of clients.

  • Protect your cargo
  • Create peace of mind
  • Offer the best service to your clients

Ensure Your Haul Reaches Your Destination

Our seasoned law enforcement officers have the experience necessary to ensure that your haul reaches its destination without any issues. Get the peace of mind knowing you have hired the best in public safety.

Law Enforcement Specialists make the process of hiring an off-duty police officer for your wide-load escort. We have access to thousands of police officers around the country and can accommodate your needs.

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We employ over 10,000 off-duty police officers nationwide to provide comprehensive commercial security services.

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