Terms & Conditions

Pay Rates:

Pay rates are provided to officers for each job specifically and are provided before acceptance of the job by the Law Enforcement Officer, hereinafter referred to as the “LEO.”  This notification is to be verified through the LES/TSF Scheduler. The LEO is provided information when first registering with Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc., or Street Force LLC., hereinafter referred to as the “LES / TSF.”

Dates of Services:

The dates of this agreement are valid from the date signed and continue until either party provides notice stating that the agreement is no longer in effect.  LES / TSF requests written notice from the LEO when he/she no longer wishes to be engaged in an off-duty capacity through LES / TSF.

Frequency of Payment of LEO Fees:

Frequency of payment information is included in the original paperwork received by the LEO upon registration with the LES / TSF. Pay periods: the 11th thru the 25th are paid on the 5th. The 26th thru the 10th are paid on the 20th. If you are signed up for direct deposit, your check will be deposited into your account on the 5th and the 20th of each month. Paper checks are mailed on paydate. If the pay date falls on a weekend, your check will be deposited/mailed the following business day.

Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation:

Competitive activity includes, but is not limited to, the LEO forming or making plans to form a business entity to directly compete with LES / TSF within five (5) years of contracted work with the LES / TSF. This provision does not prevent the LEO from seeking or obtaining employment, contract work, or other forms of business relationships with competitors.

Scope of Work:

LEO will provide traffic control services and or security services surrounding construction sites, special events, churches, sporting events, campuses, public and private events, equipment, etc.  Traffic Control and or Security Services include, enforcing local and Federal law while performing duties within the scope of the LEO profession and within the rules and regulations set forth by the LEO’s respective angeny of employment. The LEO understands that the site foreman, code officer, construction crew, site manager, or supervisor may request specific tasks directly related to the contracted work detail and agrees to complete these tasks to the best of his/her ability, where applicable by law.  These tasks are not assigned or monitored directly by the LES / TSF, but by the site foreman, code officer, construction crew, site manager, or supervisor.


  1. The LEO is an Independent Contractor, not an employee of the LES / TSF, and shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes.
  2. Work under this contract will be performed off site and the LEO is responsible for any certifications, permits, etc. necessary for conducting the Services.
  3. Officers will receive insurance benefits in the event of a claim, possibly including worker’s compensation insurance coverage provided by the LES / TSF for assignments and jobs that are made available to the LEO  unless insurance benefits are available and applicable directly from the Officer’s own Department.
  4. The use of the 10-7LES.com Portal to send available job information is utilized only to send available job information to LEO’s in their capacity as Independent Contractors. The LEO understands and agrees that his/her use of 10-7LES.com for contracted assignments is primarily as a dispatching center for contracted assignments requiring an LEO for traffic control and or security services.
  5. Reasonable expenses for supplies, mailings, telephone, vehicle maintenance, fuel, travel time are not reimbursable unless whereas some contracted jobs pay portal to portal.
  6. Reporting of Hours Worked will be submitted to the LES / TSF using the portal, or by phone call, text message, or email and shall be reported the same day the detail is.
  7. This agreement will be construed according to the laws of the individuals state.
  8. The parties agree to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations and executive orders governing nondiscrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.
  9. The Officer agrees to comply with his/her own department policies and regulations, including but not limited to uniforms, use of vehicles, and hours worked.
  10. LES / TSF will not provide the LEO’s information to its clients, general contractors, other officers, or any other person or entity without the LEO’s approval and permission, which will be obtained verbally or in writing at the discretion of the LES / TSF.
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