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Private Investigation Services in arizona

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Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. offers private investigations as a means to further offer services to fit your needs. 

As the leader in off-duty police officer services, Law Enforcement Specialists now sets out to offer the best private investigation services not only in Arizona, but also in the nation.


We know just how important it is to maintain safety and protection when it comes to private investigations, and we aim to offer as many services as possible to help you, your clients, or your business. 

See below regarding some of the private investigation services that we offer. Our team has over 30 years of private investigation experience, and we aim to provide the best possible service that fits your needs.

Private Investigation Services We Offer

We offer complete services in regards to private investigations in Arizona. Not only are our services guaranteed, but we offer a comprehensive list to cover everything you may need.
  • Process Servers
  • Asset Retrieval
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Private Detective
  • GPS Tracking
  • Missing Persons
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Legal Investigations
  • Surveillance Services 
  • Personal Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Many More…

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