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The Crucial Role of Off-Duty Police Officers as Security Guards

Off-duty police officers serving as security guards play a pivotal role in bolstering public safety and security. Their presence brings a wealth of law enforcement ...
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Celebrating our 30 years of service!

In an era where security is paramount, the presence of law enforcement professionals extends beyond the boundaries of traditional duty. For three decades, Law Enforcement ...
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How Off-Duty Police Officers Deter Issues Like Mass-Shootings

Off-duty police officers play a pivotal role in deterring mass shootings through several key mechanisms. First and foremost, their visible presence acts as a deterrent. ...
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10 reasons to hire off-duty police officers for your halloween event or party

It’s officially spooky season! We know that there will be many events celebrating Halloween. From parties, to events, to even trunk or treats, the importance ...
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How off-duty officers can help combat growing organized retail theft crimes across America

The trend of organized retail crime across the nation doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Retailers across the United States are facing this phenomenon on ...
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Why more off-duty officers are being hired as security

With the shoplifting epidemic that is making its way through America, and building up over $100 billion dollars in losses annually for retailers, hiring off-duty police ...
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