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Can I hire an off-duty police officer?

We often see the question asked, can I hire an off-duty police officer? The short answer is yes! But, with hiring an off-duty police officer ...
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how hoas benefit from off-duty police security

How HOAs Benefit From Off-Duty Police Security

One of the primary goals of Homeowner’s Associations is to ensure the safety and security of their residents. This is why it’s important for HOAs ...
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Commercial Security

The Benefits Of Having Off-Duty Police At Retail Locations

Businesses all over the United States have foot traffic from people that establish large and various types of crowds. With the amount of people that ...
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Scene Of Lots Of People Standing Behind Crowd Control Barrier, Waiting To See Military Officers Marching During Annual Dutch Veterans Day In The Hague South Holland The Netherlands Europe

Hiring off-duty police officers for an event: Why it’s important

Hiring off-duty police officers for an event such as a gathering, party, concert, festival, or conference is not only crucial in ensuring that your event ...
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Our Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are many questions and decisions that go into hiring an off-duty police officer for security or traffic control.  Some of the ...
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7 steps you need to take before hiring an off-duty police security company

7 tips to help you find the right off-duty police security company for you

Searching for the right private off-duty police security company is crucial and it’s imperative that you ensure that the company you decide to hire for ...
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