7 tips to help you find the right off-duty police security company for you

Searching for the right private off-duty police security company is crucial and it’s imperative that you ensure that the company you decide to hire for your security or traffic control is able to handle what you are needing for your company.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips to help you decide what company is right for you.

Does the company have experience with businesses similar to yours?

One of the biggest elements in choosing the right private off-duty police security company is knowing if they have experience with businesses similar to yours. If you have the ability, you can utilize a live chat option on their website, use a contact form, or call directly to get more information to ensure that the security company can indeed handle the necessary elements that your company needs.

Do they offer specific services in your city/state?

Does the private off-duty company have the ability to fulfill the needs within your city? Some companies are only local, or are limited when it comes to having the ability to have off-duty police officers at the ready. With this in mind, again, do some research on their website as a means to gain an understanding of what areas the company has ready officers for your business.

What are other customers saying about them online? Reviews are everything!

Reviews are the most crucial element when determining what off-duty police security company you should hire. Reviews not only offer insight as to the positive experiences that past customers have had with the company, but so too, will you be able to see what negative experiences customers had as well. Sites like that of Google and Yelp can offer some insight when researching a company.

What’s behind their pricing? Know exactly what you’re paying for. 

Pricing is an element that will most likely change with each security company you get in touch with. Each company will have fees that are attached to their pricing, and it’s imperative to ask for a breakdown of what you get for the amount you will pay. There is a difference between having security guards, compared to off-duty police officers, and the difference between the two are evident. Ask the business director of the security company what fees are associated with their services, and why.

Do they have up to date insurance and licensing? These are critical for any security or traffic control job.

Having the proper licensing and insurance is the most crucial element of any security company. Most often, those who utilize off-duty police officers as security will have specific licensing in place, and insurance requirements that exceed the minimums. Thus, as a customer, you will have peace of mind that you are protected in every facet, as hiring off-duty police officers for traffic control or security require stringent policies.

Do guards have sufficient support/back-up? This is absolutely crucial.

Often, security companies run into issues regarding support and back-up when on a job site or business. Thus, hiring the right off-duty police officer security company will be crucial in ensuring that you are covered in every aspect. With that in mind, again, ask a director of a company what their support/back-up policies are when an officer is working at a business or job site for protection services.

What are the company’s processes like? Know exactly how the guard company operates.

Knowing how a security company handles their internal processes is an important element in deciding which company to hire for security or traffic control. Does the company have organization that allows you to have a response rate that you are comfortable with just in case you need to get in touch with them? Do they have software management tools that allows them to adapt in situations that you may not have foreseen for your business or jobsite?

Or, can you simply get in touch with them when needed? One of the biggest issues that we hear regarding hiring off duty police officers for security and traffic control is the inability to get in touch with customer service. Customer service is everything and at Law Enforcement Specialists, we have on call coordinators that are available 24/7 – 365. Nothing beats a rapid response situation, and that’s what makes us different.

These are just a few of the tips you need follow to ensure that you hire the right private armed security company for your project and or event. There is no doubt that having the right security guard company will make all the difference for your business. Do your research, and choose wisely. 


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