The Benefits Of Having Off-Duty Police At Retail Locations

Businesses all over the United States have foot traffic from people that establish large and various types of crowds. With the amount of people that are in and out of these stores every single day, it’s important to keep both the customers and employees safe. 

Whether it’s a big box store, or an entire mall, hiring off-duty police officers for commercial security can offer a host of benefits that will not only protect businesses, but also, offer peace of mind in the process. 

Below are just a few ways that hiring off-duty police officers for retail can help: 

1. With shoplifting becoming a $100 Billion problem for retailers, off-duty police officers can offer a level of security that allows businesses to minimize their losses in the long term. Additionally, with the presence of a police officer in the retail location, a would be shoplifter might think twice before deciding to shoplift. 

2. Off-duty police officers are not your average security guard. Though security guards are beneficial in many settings, hiring an off-duty police officer for your business brings a higher level of authority and responsibility. Police officers not only have more experience in dealing with less than favorable situations, but their training allows them to handle situations in a manner that a security officer wouldn’t be able to provide. Additionally, a police officer also has the ability to enforce the law, while a security guard does not. 

3. Police officers offer peace of mind not only to customers but so too does it give confidence in businesses knowing that their establishments are being protected. Police officers offer a plethora of services that can suit any business or retail location. Further, when patrons of a business see a police officer, the will feel safe and secure knowing they are protected. 

Law enforcement specialists has worked with countless retailers around the United States, fostering long lasting relationships and providing a service that is truly priceless, peace of mind. Hiring off-duty police officers for commercial security is not only an area that we specialize in, but we have over thirty years of experience in establishing relationships with some of the biggest retailers in U.S.


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