How Apps Like NextDoor and Citizen Show The Importance Of Off-Duty Security

Crowd sourced apps like the Citizen app, and NextDoor show how chaotic and even dangerous things can become even around the areas that we most frequent, such as our own neighborhoods, our children’s schools, and even the stores we shop at. 

With the increase in awareness of these things that occur, the demand for safety has been at an all time high. This is why at Law Enforcement Specialists, we have made it our goal to provide safety through off-duty police officers to not only deter possible crime, but to also ensure that if something does occur, a police officer is there, ready to protect. 

Many people are actually surprised that off-duty police officers can be utilized as security for their neighborhood associationschildren’s schoolsreligious institutionsevents, and even businesses, and realizing that you can have an actual police officer providing safety will not only ensure safety, but provide peace of mind in the process. 

We’ve made it as easy as possible to hire and off-duty police officer, and we can do so at a cost effective price that will allow you to truly feel safe. If you have any questions, our staff of experts can establish a customized solution for whatever you need, and we can do so 24/7/365. Safety is everything, and it’s all we’ve been providing for the last thirty years around the nation. 


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