How off-duty officers can help combat growing organized retail theft crimes across America

The trend of organized retail crime across the nation doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Retailers across the United States are facing this phenomenon on ...
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Why more off-duty officers are being hired as security

With the shoplifting epidemic that is making its way through America, and building up over $100 billion dollars in losses annually for retailers, hiring off-duty police ...
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6 reasons why an off-duty officer is better than a security guard

Police officers and security guards serve different roles and have distinct responsibilities. Each has its own advantages and limitations based on the nature of their ...
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Can I hire an off-duty police officer?

We often see the question asked, can I hire an off-duty police officer? The short answer is yes! But, with hiring an off-duty police officer ...
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Back To School: How off-duty police officers can keep schools safe

It’s that time again, where the kids are headed back to school! In the past, we’ve included safety tips to keep your children safe for ...
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8 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Hire Off-Duty Police Officers For Events

Hiring off-duty police officers as security for events can provide several benefits and advantages. Here are some reasons why event organizers might choose to do so: ...
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