Hiring off-duty police for weddings. What you need to know.

Have you included off-duty security in your wedding checklist yet? It is most likely that your wedding day is going to be one of the most important and most memorable days of your life. Not only is this such an important event, a lot of time and money goes into planning a wedding. You want everything to be perfect and go as smooth as possible. Hiring off-duty officers to be at your big day is a great way ensure everything goes well. Have you seen the movie Wedding Crashers?

Well, this is a real thing! Whether it be a complete stranger or just someone you weren’t wanting at your wedding, off-duty security can take care of this for you. Gifts are brought to weddings and unfortunately when left unattended sometimes things can go missing, this also goes for personal items. Most weddings also have an open bar, and in some cases, this can be abused.

Hiring off-duty security for your wedding will be a great way to deter and to control any situation. Weddings can sometimes have an enormous security guest list, it is an excellent decision to get wedding security especially if you have a great number of guests or any VIPs attending. When different groups of people gather together, getting a reliable trusted security team can provide peace of mind, especially to the bride and groom. Here at Law Enforcement Specialists Inc, we can do that for you.  

There are many questions that go into hiring off-duty police for a wedding. How much will it will cost when it comes to hiring an off-duty police officer for a wedding? Or how long in advance do you need to hire an officer for a wedding? Let us help you with your special day. Contact us below. 


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