Hiring off-duty police officers for sporting events: What you need to know

We know that sporting events have many variables when it comes to keeping fans safe. This is why we offer the top off-duty police officers to provide security to ensure safety. 

Whether it’s a local high school football game, or the Super Bowl, Law Enforcement Specialists can help you maintain peace of mind for organizers, knowing that safety and security has been put in place. 

Law Enforcement Specialists has had the honor of providing security for the Super Bowl that took place in 2023 in Glendale, Arizona, and we’ve also had the honor of providing security for the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. 


We cover all aspects of what you need when it comes to hiring off-duty police officers for a sporting event, and we will ensure that your event is safe. 

With hiring security, we know there are many questions such as how much does it cost to hire off-duty police for a sporting event, or, what steps do I need to take to hire off-duty police? We’ve got you covered. 


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