Mass Shootings: How off-duty police officers can help in prevention

Mass shootings in the media is becoming the norm, unfortunately. With the rise in mass shootings, like the most recent one in Texas, we have seen an increase in the demand of hiring off-duty police officers as security as a means to protect patrons at events, businesses, and other establishments. 

The importance of having security on site is not only crucial, but we are aware of the many benefits of having off-duty police officers as security and what they offer. Law Enforcement is trained to not only prevent issues that may arise, but they are also experienced in handling situations that the normal security guard is not able to do. Further, having off-duty police officers at establishments brings peace of mind to customers and patrons as well as business owners alike. 

We have worked with countless corporations around the country, and have heard time and time again just how much safer everyone feels when an officer is on site. 

Mass shootings are problematic for a number of reasons, and one way to deter or possibly prevent altogether these things from occurring is having off-duty law enforcement work in the capacity of security detail. 

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