Law Enforcement Joke Of The Week: The Snack Bag

Snack Bag Cartoon:


Here at LES, we like to treat our officers with a little token of our appreciation. Our “goody” bags are filled with snacks and liquids to make sure that our officers are hydrated while they are on their details, especially those who take jobs that our outside. Thanks to Blake, who spends his time out in the field for us delivering these bags, and for drawing amazing cartoons like the one above!


This cartoon idea came from a recent large traffic job our officers were filling. I parked my car in a raised parking lot  which was raised above the street level where the officers were working directing traffic in the street.  Several of the officers came over to where I was.  Because I couldn’t get down to the officers and they couldn’t get up to where I was, I began handing snack bags and drinks down to them. For a few minutes I was busy going to the trunk to get the items the officers wanted.  

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