What are the 5 biggest benefits of hiring an off-duty police officer?

There are many benefits when it comes to hiring an off-duty police officer. Not only do they offer protection and peace of mind, but more importantly, they offer safety. This is why we’ve put together five of the biggest benefits of hiring an off-duty police officer. Surely, there are more than just five benefits, but these are just a few of the most important elements that an off-duty officer can offer. 

1.They Have Immediate backup: On-Duty Officers

In many ways police officers are never truly “off-duty.” Unlike your normal security guard, police officers have the authority to radio or call to an officer who is on duty for back up if needed. Our officers follow the rules, they are trustworthy, they are there to help YOU, to protect YOU and to serve YOU.

2. Visual Deterrent

Whether a police officer is on or off duty; just by having their presence on site has the potential to deter crime. When the guests or audience of an event show up, they see The Law, they see Law Enforcement. This provides you a sense of safety, security and control at your event or job site. Studies have shown that when a police officer is present in “hot spot” areas it can reduce the rate of crime and deter criminal activity. When a person or a crowd of people see police officers they feel and understand that they are safer, and people who feel the need to possibly commit crime are more than likely to think twice.

With our off-duty police officers, you have the option to have them wear their uniform when they are working. A uniformed officer acts as a much better deterrent than a regular security guard. 

3. Better Training

The training that most typical security guards go through will be no match to the practice of real Law Enforcement Officers. In some cases, security guards can receive very little preparation before going out in the field to a job. Even when compared to a security guard with more extensive training, it still doesn’t meet the standards of Law Enforcement Professionals. Before they even get to wear a badge, policemen have to go through a significant amount of training and continue their training throughout their career. Everyday police use what they are taught when on a job, on and off duty. From day one they apply what they learn.

4. Better Response To Emergency

When going through their training, police officers are trained on how to respond in an emergency, this means more than just responding to potential crimes. If for any reason an emergency may arise, we can assure you that you have a professional on scene. Police Officers are trained to stay calm in high stress situations and know the necessary steps to take to make sure that all circumstances are resolved in the best way possible. Beyond their response to the scene, a police officer will have a quicker response time from emergency services.

5. Professionalism

When hiring a Policeman for off duty work you will the highest level or professionalism and respect. Whether working on or off duty they show up to do the job and get it done. The officers you hire here at Law Enforcement Specialists, you are getting the best of the best.

The benefits of hiring an off-duty police officer are tremendous, and there is no real way to account for the true safety and protection that they offer. 


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