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We are Law Enforcement Specialists! What does that mean exactly?

We are a group of mothers, grandmothers, daughters, police wives, aunts, and sisters that believe in God, supporting our families and the Thin Blue Line. In addition, we are committed to supporting ALL law enforcement officers around the world. We specialize in providing a resource to police officers looking for supplemental income. We connect police officers with off duty work. They can come to us and we will set them up to earn extra income around their schedule. We insure them, pay them on time and they become part of our family. Law Enforcement Specialists is a women owned company and we are advocates for our hero’s on the streets and have their back always.

Spotlights and News

Furthermore, here in this place we will be shining spotlights on some special law enforcement officers. These officers have gone above and beyond for our company and our clients. We will shine spotlights on very deserving clients we love doing business with. Also, will be mixing things up by sharing a few good deeds done by civilians or police officers around the country. We will share police officer and client testimonials as well as short video clips illustrating how awesome our police officers are. Lastly, we will sprinkle in a bit of LES company news.

Finally, what we really want is to share our thoughts on the security services industry and shed light on how HUMAN police officers are. A police officer striped of his uniform, badge, and gun might be a guy named Dave that lives across the street. It’s a guy you bumped into in line at the bank or maybe your child’s soccer coach. Behind the Badge they are just like us.

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