Beyond the Badge- Life Hack for Police Wives

Life Hack for Police Wives- Organization for Police Gear

Written and provided by a seasoned police wife…

Whether your LEO (law enforcement officer), works on-duty or off-duty, days, mid-shift or graves, his police uniform and all his police gear has to go somewhere when he checks 10-7. For my husband, the place where his police gear rested, was in our guest room/office. In the beginning, when he would come home, he would undress, leave his stinky police uniform, vest and socks laid out on the guest bed. As a new police wife, the thought of all the sweat, dirt and grime seeping into the comforter would drive me nuts. My face wore a disgusted expression, and that is when he would justify, “I have to leave everything laid out just in case I get called out for on or off duty work in the middle of the night.”  I would always respond by rolling my eyes.

As time went on, I tried to give my Law Enforcement Officer husband more space, hangers, shelves, and baskets to help keep his police uniform and gear organized. I even made a shelving unit out of an old wine rack, but he never used it. All his LEO gear would end up on the floor, on the bed or even on the desk. One of the main reasons hangers don’t work is because those bullet proof vests and gun belts weigh a ton!

When Police Gear Strikes

As the years pressed on, the guest room/office turned into more of a police gear closet! The carpet had a darkened pathway from the front door to the spot where 3 different pairs of police boots stood. There were all sorts of chargers and cords for flashlights, radios, and computers taking over every outlet. Many hats, award plaques, pictures, flags, old gun holsters, bullets, lanyards, coins, and random little notepads with license plate numbers scribbled down, were everywhere. There was shoe polish, cotton balls, stuff from, “back in the day at the police academy.” And of course boxes for things he only uses sometimes like rain gear and medical supplies.

The Hack

Cluttered was an understatement. Whenever my parents would visit, it would take us a day get the bed back into shape for sleeping! “How can I get this police gear organized?” I thought to myself. Then one day another police wife had posted on Facebook the answer. She must have been thinking the same thing! Then this savvy police wife did something amazing!  She built a solid wood organized station for all her LEO’s police gear! It’s amazing, inventive, and most of all her hubby loves it and he USES it! I need this, I thought to myself. I hope she plans on selling them! See for yourself in the pics below! If you are interested email at

This is just one solution to an issue some of us police spouses face. If police gear starts taking over the house, what is the best way to respond?

Police Wife Resources

There are many resources available when marching through police wife life! One resource that I love is a site called Love and Blues. It’s a police wife blogger sharing tips on how to survive and thrive as a police wife. My favorite article is, “9 ways to sleep peacefully when you have to sleep alone,”, and “the best way to concealed carry in a dress,” ( Check this site out! It’s great to hear someone say the things you’re thinking in your head, aloud!

Other blogs I like are:

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