Beyond the Badge – Police Officers & PTSD

STOP suffering from PTSD…

There IS HOPE!

As a law enforcement officer or a first responder, you are always on the front line.

Always on duty, even when you are “off duty”…both day and night.

The chronic stress generated by your work can be extremely detrimental. And even the strongest men and women can suffer from exposure to traumatic events leading to PTSD, slowly consuming you from inside.

PTSD is just as real of a threat to Law Enforcement Officers and other first responders as it is to military members. Like any other exposure or injury sustained in the line of duty, it is not automatically the end of a career or your life; but to maintain both of these things you must be aware, prepare in advance, and seek immediate care if things are becoming unmanageable.

Here’s what we need to be aware of:

1.    It’s normal: Like every other system in your body, the mind will do what it believes is necessary to maintain itself. Unfortunately as the brain tries to protect itself, the manifestations can have some adverse effects. The backlash from the traumatic incident may result in anger, memory issues, sleep disruption, depression, or any number of other stress responses.

2.    Early intervention results in a better outcome: If you are bleeding from a GSW, do you want to see a doctor now or a month from now? Rapid assistance from a professional counselor or peer support team members is more likely to lead to more rapid recovery.

3.    Knowledge is power: Knowing the signs and symptoms can help us identify traumatic stress injuries in ourselves or others. We need to recognize that something is wrong before we are aware that we need help.

4.    We can (and should) intervene: We wouldn’t let our supervisors, subordinates, or co-workers, take on an armed subject by themselves if we had the option of being there, even if we were never requested over the radio. Someone dealing with the fall out of post-traumatic stress needs us to be there even if they didn’t call for us.

5. There is no single answer: What works for me may not work for you. Each of us manages stress in our way and while some may benefit from one type of therapy others may need a different kind. The key is to handle the stress and not let it control us.

There is hope…

For many police officers, military and first responders, acknowledging and communicating about the issue can be very difficult.

Those who suffer from extreme stress and trauma, and potentially from PTSD find themselves isolated, struggling in their life or they may still live in denial. Because, it seems there is no way out, no hope.

We are here to tell you that there is actually a way out. A way back to your life, like it was before.

A life where you can enjoy a day with your family. A life where you don’t struggle anymore because you have regain focus and concentration. A life where you know the meaning of a restful night. We can offer you the tools to find your way back.

A team of experts have dedicated their work to study the impact of stress and trauma on people’s life, and bring this specifically to Law Enforcement Officers.

With over 30 years of experience, they have been able to create a healing space, where they offer empowering tools to bring your brain and body into balance. They offer high quality services, both natural and high-tech modalities to police officers. Their experience and dedication to help people have shown that police officers can recover from trauma, even from extreme disorders such as PTSD.

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