Beyond the Badge: Spotlight on Sergeant Jim Benitez

Sergeant Jim Benitez
Sergeant Jim Benitez

Sergeant Jim Benitez:

Sergeant Benitez is the South Metro Motor Sergeant who has been on-duty for 22 years.  In 1995 Jim Benitez was sworn in as an officer. He worked the road for the first 7 years on-duty.  Sergeant Benitez has experience working in many units within his police agency such as the Vehicle Theft Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Narcotics, Gang Unit, and Immigration. He was promoted to Sergeant 10 years ago, and is currently the off-duty coordinator for motor escorts. Sgt. Benitez is one of Law Enforcement Specialists contact for scheduling off-duty motor escorts.


Sgt. Benitez has always been known as a hard worker, knowledgeable and a professional police officer. His dedication to his job and to the community is evident on a daily basis. He demonstrates diligence in all of his work.

Arizona DPS Motors
Barry Stegall (Left) Jim Benitez (Right)

Police Officer Barry Stegall had this to say about him,

“Sergeant Benitez is one of the best leaders in the department.” 

Another DPS police officer under Sgt. Benitez’s leardership had this to say:

“Easy-going, polite, likable and friendly. He represents the Arizona Department of Public Safety Motor Division in a positive and professional light” – Trooper J. Stradling


Law Enforcement Specialists is shining a spotlight on him this month because he continues to add value to off-duty police work. He is easy to work with, organized and always provides LES with the best motor police officers for our clients who hire us to provide professional police officer escorts.  We never have to worry about getting a security police escort position filled because Sgt. Benitez ensures his motor police officers are there! To hire a police officer escort click HERE! 

Becky Bernal our operations manager had some great things to say about Sgt. Benitez.

“He is super easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When creating a quote for the customer it feels like he is apart of our team, helping to guide the quote based on the number of troopers needed, and how many vehicles are needed making my job easy”

“I can’t tell you a single story when he’ went above and beyond because he does every single time.

“Three words to describe him would be amazing to work with, helpful, and always helpful. He makes my job so much easier, we rely on him a lot!”

Sgt. Benitez has been featured in the media recently showing how police officers clock speed in problem areas to make drivers aware of their speed and to keep drivers safe. Watch Now!


Sergeant Jim Benitez is an outstanding police officer and State Trooper, and we are delighted and honored to call him a friend!

Be Safe!

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