Is hiring an off-duty police officer really worth it?

When asking if the cost of hiring an off-duty officer is worth it, ask yourself this… is your safety worth it? The safety of your friends, family, colleagues, employees, is it worth having an off-duty police officer present? Even the security of your job site, who will be there to run the traffic light or to direct traffic?

These are things you can’t put a price on. Having a highly trained and skilled officer work your off-duty security or traffic control needs is highly beneficial. Overall, it’s better protection and a true sense of peace of mind.

When hiring an off-duty police officer they will provide better protection in many ways. They have the training, experience, and authority to provide a level of protection that is not available from just anyone.

Our officers come prepared to any job site, they can help diffuse violence, deter criminal activity, help in tense situations, they can call for back up when needed. So, next time you ask yourself if it is worth it the answer is YES!

Off-duty officers are here to serve and protect YOU. Here at Law Enforcement Specialists, we can do that for you, we will give you peace of mind.

Having an off-duty police officer present, will truly make all the difference in your security, traffic control, and event needs. There is no compromise when it comes to protecting what matters most to you. 

See below regarding just some of the off-duty officer services we provide.


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