Why should you have an off-duty officer on site for your construction site?

Having an off-duty police officer on your construction site has many benefits not just for you and your crew but they can also be beneficial for your equipment and the pedestrians that may be around your construction site. When hiring off-duty officers to stand by on your construction site they are there to help you and assist in whatever your needs may be.

These officers can help get access  to property, perform mobile patrols, and much more. When it comes to off-duty officers being hired for construction sites it’s not only traffic control they can be useful for, but also security. When working on any short term or long-term job, equipment or other construction site elements can be left on site. It is unfortunate that construction sites can be recurring targets for vandalism, trespassing and burglary. This is why having an off-duty police officer on site to protect your assets is critical.

There is expensive equipment and ton of valuables sitting around and often left unattended during off hours. Having a uniformed off-duty officer is your best bet against these types of crimes. The site of an officer instantly deters crime. These are a few reasons why it’s important and why you should have off-duty officers on your construction site.

Having peace of mind when it comes to your security site should be of the utmost importance. At Law Enforcement Specialists, we aim to provide the best off-duty police officers for hire


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