Can you hire a police officer for security?

Hiring a police officer for security work is possible! Whether it is a job you need an officer at for a couple hours, for 1 day or around the clock 24/7 coverage. We can do that for you here at Law Enforcement Specialists. When hiring off-duty officers for security work they can supply you with highly trained personnel who are ready to act and have years of experience. We can have an officer in route to where you need in just a minute’s notice and give you a true sense of security and peace of mind. When coming up against unpredictable conditions that may require additional security protection, off duty officers will provide the workforce needed to visually deter, prevent dangerous activity and threats from happening.  

Other security services off-duty officers can offer are:


And many other services.

When it comes to hiring an off-duty officer for security work some guidelines would include:

  • Never put the officer in a dangerous situation
  • We will determine the amount of officers you need
  • The level of threat
Hiring an off-duty police officer for security purposes will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also keep your employees, and others safe and protected. 


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